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About Us

TESAM is a Strategic Research Center whose foundations were laid in the early 2000s.

When our history is examined, it is seen that there are well-trained wise people behind the successes of the past. However, the events in today’s world, which is advancing at a dizzying pace, are developing multidimensionally and becoming more complex and multidimensional than in the past.

This ultimately makes it difficult for one or a few people to identify these problems and produce ways to deal with them. Therefore, intellectuals and young and dynamic researchers, who have different disciplines and views, should be brought together in order to closely follow the developments, to make realistic and accurate predictions about the future, and to produce the right moves against them.

TESAM; It is an independent think-tank organization operating in the fields of domestic – foreign policy and security, economy, law and social sciences.

TESAM is not only a think-tank organization, but also a think-tank established to train innovative, young academics who think, question, produce ideas in order to contribute to the brain power of our country.

Since the day it was founded, TESAM has been acting with the following main objectives:

It brings solutions and alternatives to the current problems of our country. Because it is not possible for Turkey to play an active role abroad without solving its chronic problems that are shackled inside.
In order to make new breakthroughs in our country, he offers various ideas and suggestions through the reports he prepares and the road maps he draws. In this way, it opens the horizons of the people who rule our country and prepares the necessary theoretical and intellectual ground for this.
At the same time, while doing these, he is laying the foundations of the Turkey of the future with the brain power he has trained. Yes, perhaps the most important aspect that distinguishes TESAM from all other think-tank organizations is that, in addition to the activities mentioned above, it trains young and expert academics. Through this project, it is to contribute to the brain power of our country and to make our country a center of attraction as opposed to the brain drain abroad.