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Artificial Intelligence in Education
Innovative education trends infographic: personalization, integrated learning, AI, VR and data driven systems

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Dear Academics and Researchers,

We are calling for papers for an editorial book titled “Artificial Intelligence in Education”. This book will focus on the applications of artificial intelligence in the education sector and will bring together the latest developments, innovations, and research results in this field. The book will be published online and in hardcopy by TESAM Publications. Paper submission deadline: June 15, 2024

Prof. Veysel BOZKURT,  Istanbul University
Dr. Dheeba Moosa, Islamic University of Maldives
Book Chapter Coordination and Communication
Ferzan Taşpınar


Artificial Intelligence and Education; Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Tools; Personalized Learning Experiences; Artificial Intelligence for Teachers; Evaluation and Feedback; Accessibility and Inclusion; Gamification and Artificial Intelligence in Education; Ethics and Artificial Intelligence in Education: Data Security and Privacy: Artificial Intelligence and Instructional Design; Artificial Intelligence in Language Learning; Artificial Intelligence in STEM Education; Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education; Vocational Education and Artificial Intelligence; Artificial Intelligence in Global Education; Classroom of the Future: Artificial Intelligence Enabled Learning Environments; Artificial Intelligence, Learning Disorders and Interventions; Artificial Intelligence and Education Policies; Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence; Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Education; Artificial Intelligence and Other Challenges in Education; Case Studies of AI in Education and Higher Education; AI and 21st Century Skills for Education; Testing AI innovations in Higher Education – Challenges and Opportunities; AI for Student Recruitment and Enrolment Management; Teacher Education for the age of AI

Abstract Submission Deadlines and Processes:

Abstract Submission Deadline: Please submit your abstracts of no more than 500 words by 15 April 2024.

Full Text Submission Deadline: The deadline for full texts is 15 June 2024.

Announcement of Accepted Papers: 1 August 2024.

Final Submission of Revised Papers: 1 September 2024.

Manuscript Submission and Formatting Rules: Please send your manuscripts in Microsoft Word format, formatted according to APA 7 style guide,

Papers should be between 4000 and 8000 words in total and in English.